Types of Tenancy

A tenancy is granted between a landlord who is commonly the property owner (but doesn’t have to be the freehold owner) and a tenant.

Related Forms

Terminate a Lodger Agreement Where There is a Breach

this template letter will give the lodger "reasonable" notice to vacate the room and your home.

Terminate a Lodger Agreement No Fault Nor Breach

If you have a lodger in your home and wish the lodger to vacate for no reason and there is no breach and no fault, this template is suitable for asking the lodger to leave.

Garage Letting Agreement

A template agreement for the letting of a garage. This may be used if letting a garage separately but should only be used for non business lettings i.e. people storing furniture whilst moving home, storing personal belongings etc.

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Tenancy Builder - Download Written Statement Occupation Contract

The Tenancy Builder allows you to create a written statement occupation contract for Wales easily. Fully integrated electronic signing.

Which Contract to Use

Use this wizard to choose the best tenancy agreement or occupation contract for Wales.

Electronic Signatures and Remote Signing

Tenancy Builder has fully integrated digital signing with just a few clicks, the system will automatically send to all parties for electronic signing.