Inventory (Schedule of Condition) Creator

Please beware, the inventory system is in beta testing, and issues are expected. Please contact us with any bugs.

Our new inventory (schedule of condition) creator is available now in the Tenancy Builder part of the website (click on “inventory” in the sidebar). 

It has been extensively tested, so, in theory, it could be used for live, but we would prefer if subscribers would try the system in the first instance and provide any feedback (good or bad).

We have a video showing the processes involved and a quick start guide.

There is also additional help alongside the quick start.

Overview As a quick overview, the following would be done:

  • Go to the Tenancy Builder part of the website and click inventory in the sidebar and “add new”
  • Insert tenancy address, and name of preparer and add rooms.
  • Under each room, add items (structure, furnishings, appliances) and photos as wanted.
  • Allocate a tenancy to the template
  • Add an activity to the tenancy. Activity can be check-in, interim or check-out. An activity will generate a PDF of the template in its current state (a snapshot of the template at that time).
  • Optionally send the PDF for digital signing. Where there are multiple activities (e.g. a check-in and check-out report), these can be compared against each other.


We are only charging for the digital signing, which uses the same as Tenancy Builder, 100 credits. But, we may have to charge based on the amount of photos storage being used in the future (or other calculations).