Letting Unit Management: A Quick Guide

On clicking Letting Units in the sidebar underneath Tenancy Manager, you can view all letting units (tenancy addresses) without referencing the landlord to whom they belong.

You can add a new letting unit from this page (top right) and search for letting units. You can edit or delete a letting unit to the right of each record.

After expanding using the small arrow, all tenancies related to the letting unit are displayed.

Coming soon, you can manage inspections for the letting unit, such as gas safety, electrical, etc.

Tenancies shown here can't be edited or deleted from this view because they are linked to Tenancy Builder. Please go to the tenancies list in Tenancy Builder by clicking tenancies near the top of the sidebar to edit.

On clicking the small arrow on the left of each record, you can view various information about the tenancy using the tabs that appear, including:

  • rent history
  • rent increases
  • rent info
  • invoices
  • notes
  • sub-meter readings

More information about these tabs can be found on the help page about the rents view.

When viewing a tenancy, rent reminders can be sent from the reminders button. A rent payment or rent due can be added to the rent history table. The rent history data can be exported to PDF or Excel. Columns can be hidden or displayed. All are available from the buttons on the right, and more details about each function can be found in the rents view help page.