Print Tenancy Agreements with Tenancy Builder Step-by-Step

You can print a tenancy agreement from Tenancy Builder after it has been built. Follow these steps to print an agreement:

  1. Create the tenancy by going to the list from the sidebar and clicking Add new tenancy from the top right.
  2. Go through each page, entering the information as needed.
  3. On the last page at the bottom, select from the final dropdown field "save and build", then click save and build. If you choose "save for later", that will retain all the data you have typed in, but it won't produce a PDF agreement.
  4. Wait for the tenancy to be built. You will see a green completed indicator next to the tenancy.
  5. When complete, click the green indicator and the PDF will either open in your browser or download to your device (depending on how your internet browser is set up).
  6. Check the contents of the PDF and print it as you usually would print any PDF.

Instead of printing, you may prefer to send the agreement for remote signing using the integrated digital signing feature. To do this, click the actions button next to the contract and select "digital signing". See the digital signing page for more detailed information.

Any document provided within the builder section, such as a referencing report, application form or other forms (e.g. possession notices, rent increase and Wales prescribed forms), can be printed similarly.