Add or Edit Template

Go to the Tenancy Builder part of the website and click on Inventory in the sidebar.

Then, click "Add New" from the top right.

Enter the tenancy address and the name of the person preparing the inventory.

Then, optionally add a main house photo and add rooms.

Add rooms in the order you want them to show in the report before items are added to each room. There's no way to reorder rooms at this stage.

Once rooms have been added, click the "editing" button at the bottom to save current progress.

It's worth regularly pressing the "editing" button at the bottom to save as you go. Although we autosave at specific points, this is a valuable backup option.

Once a room has been added, items can be added to each room.

The main room photo can optionally be added.

Add items from the structure, furnishings or appliances dropdown. A search box will filter the items list.

If an item doesn't exist, you can choose "custom" and add your name to the item.

Whenever a "custom" item is chosen, it's added to an admin list where we will periodically approve new things for the list. Over time, the items lists will expand as users add more custom items.

Once items have been added, click on the edit button next to the item and add a photo (or multiple), click on the condition (new, good, fair or poor) and optionally add a comment.

The colour of the item will change depending on what condition was selected.

The comments might include colour, more detail about the condition, or anything else.

If there are other items within that room below, you can click "next" in the item editor, which will take you to the next item. If no more items exist in that room, the button will change to "close".

Move to the next room and repeat.

The comment field within each item can be used for anything. For example, if an item is a smoke alarm, you can insert that it was tested on a specific date.

Periodically click the "editing" button at the bottom to save regularly.

Edit Template

Return to the inventory list and select the edit from actions button.

Ensure you have created a new activity if you want a template PDF record before making edits.

When you next create a new activity, it will produce a PDF report (snapshot) of the template at that time.