Tracing a Guarantor

Tenants have vacated the property owing rent.

A guarantor is in place, but they have moved house, and the agency only supplied me with the guarantor’s postal address.

I have tried going back to agents, but it was from some years ago, so I am struggling with additional info.

What company can I use to trace the new address of the guarantor?

I only have their name and previous address (though I think I found her on FB, I can’t see any other helpful info…).


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Preventing, Controlling and Recovering Rent Arrears

The contract-holder typically pays the rent into the landlord or agent's bank account. The written statement of the occupation contract should stipulate the method for which rent is payable and how it will be collected. The tenant should consent if the collection is done by regular visits to the property.

References and Guarantors

Landlords should interview prospective contract-holders carefully to assist in choosing one who will be trustworthy and reliable. Taking up references from prospective contract-holders, current or previous landlords, employers and banks can help to inform the contract-holder selection process.