Tenant Moved Out Without Any Notification to Landlord

Hi, Can you possibly clarify the way forward with the following scenario?

I have a Contract holder who owes money but appears to have "done a flit" and moved out without any notification/s to me, neighbours, etc.

I have not issued any new Contract yet, whether converted or otherwise and am unsure as to the way forward with this situation as it stands now.

From my reading, it would appear that I need to leave a notice at the property and try to send a copy by whatever means I have had to communicate with the Contract holder all in a bid to try to contact her, then, after four weeks issue a Notice, or so it seems, whilst at the same time making enquiries of neighbours - already done - the Council, Mentors and the like in a bid to clarify and confirm that the Contract holder has indeed departed from the property.

Apologies, but can you clarify or fill in the gaps in the above to ensure the scenario is in full compliance, etc.?

Many thanks

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Abandonment Under Occupation Contract

There is a specific procedure set out in the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 ("the Act") for abandonment where no court order is required, although it’s unclear how much it will be used (see later under contract-holder’s remedies).