Renting Homes (Wales) Act in relation to HMOs

We are Rent Smart Wales (RSW) accredited landlords with two HMOs in Cardiff. We have been reviewing the changes to contracts that came into force on 1st December 2022 and wish to ensure that we issue correct information and documents to both new contract holders in the future and existing contract holders (Tenants).

All our tenants are on ASTs that convert to periodic renewal after an initial fixed term (6 months). Rents are fully inclusive of all services and utilities, including Council Tax. Reading the model contract on the RSW website, it appears to be aimed at single lets, not HMOs; for example, the model contract permits contract holders to change utility suppliers, which is incorrect in our situation. 

We have looked at several pages and documents but cannot find any specific reference to HMOs. It may be that we can omit/change clauses that are not relevant or appropriate for our situation as HMO landlords, but we don't want to do anything that is not permitted and could become a problem in future.

Has the Guild developed any advice and documents specifically addressing the circumstances in an HMO in Wales?

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Written Statement of Occupation Contract

For an occupation contract from the start of the Renting Homes (Wales) Act, a landlord must give a written statement of the contract to the contract-holder(s), including tenancies that are converted.