New Deemed Occupation Contracts & Rent Increases


I have several ASTs which have become, overnight, Occupation Contracts plus, I am guessing, default T's n C's. I have not yet issued formal new Occupation Contracts, which better/best reflect the AST they had. I have a couple of questions: -

1. Do I assume I have to issue new Occupation Contracts to my tenants based on your tenancy (Occupation Contract) builder
2. Do I have to issue an Inventory? If so, it represented when they moved in or the new Occupation Contract started, which would be a rental due date. These properties are all unfurnished.
3. Are there any other documents that I need to provide? I have assumed that the EPC, Gas Certificate and Electrical Safety I will bundle in with the tenancy building process
4. What's the timescale for the rent increase notification? Is it two months per the AST or six months per the Occupation Contract? What document(s) do I need to generate, and how to serve them

As always, your help is much appreciated.

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Varying the Rent

Under Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016, once a contract has been agreed upon, rent can be varied but only where the legislation allows.

Converted Contracts

Under the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 (“the Act”), most existing tenancies will be converted to occupation contracts