Liability for Debt Incurred by Tenant – Landlord Responsibility?

A tenant (AST) left his Flat owing rent amounting to £4000 (having kept Housing Benefit/Universal Credit).

During his tenancy on 16/03/17, Police were called to the address (by the tenant) and Police, apparently acting under the authority of a Duty of Care to me, instructed Rapid Secure Ltd to secure the address. I did not know about the incident.

On 08/05/2018, I received an invoice addressed to the Owner/Occupier for £204.00 from Rapid Secure Ltd Debt Recovery.

The tenant vacated the flat on 04/06/2017. There was no evidence of any damage to the property other than the lock had been changed, presumably, by Rapid Secure Ltd.

Am I responsible for the tenant’s debt to Rapid Secure Ltd? Rapid Secure Ltd claim as the owner of the property, I have to pay.

Also, do I not have the right to know the full facts of the incident from the police and Rapid Secure Ltd if I am being held responsible for paying a bill I don't know anything about?

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Tenant Obligations

Through the tenancy agreement (or occupation contract), landlords may impose reasonable obligations on the tenant that affect their behaviour (including anti-social behaviour) and visitors.