Issuing Converted vs. New Contracts in Wales

Hi, Can you poss clarify the following please regarding Converted or new Contracts?

I am aware that - as was intimated by your good selves at the Guild very early on in this process - the legislation as it stands at present is, in parts, fundamentally flawed - although we are told that the WG is meant to be addressing such anomalies that exist - despite the deadline of 31st May looming ever closer.

It was my intention, from very early on, to issue Converted Contracts to all my Tenants principally due to the retention of the two months notice period (all other criteria, such as Electrical certification, interlinked smoke detectors etc., are all in place, and therefore I have no need for a more extended period to be allowed for the installation of such aspects) however I cannot recall if - assuming I will still be able to provide Converted contracts - whether or not the two month notice period will continue for the duration of those converted contracts or, if from the 31st May, the standard notice period automatically becomes six months, thereby negating any perceived advantage of the converted contract.

Your clarification would be appreciated.

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Converted Contracts

Under the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 (“the Act”), most existing tenancies will be converted to occupation contracts