Does the New RHW System Require a Given Formal Method of Notifying a Tenant of Arrears and Possible Action


Can you clarify whether there any formal "Pro-forma" letters that I need to use - under the new RHW legislation - to notify Tenants of the level of debt that exists regarding their tenancy and notify them of prospective action should they not provide their proposals for resolving the level of debt etc.?

Or, do I produce a fairly standard letter, as has been the case in the past, along with full details of monies both due and paid to date?

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Preventing, Controlling and Recovering Rent Arrears

The contract-holder typically pays the rent into the landlord or agent's bank account. The written statement of the occupation contract should stipulate the method for which rent is payable and how it will be collected. The tenant should consent if the collection is done by regular visits to the property.

Landlord Notice (Rent Arrears and Other Breach)

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