Council Requesting Adaptations to Property

Is a landlord obliged to allow the council to come and adapt a property to suit a tenants needs better? They have emailed me requesting landlord permission to:

  • Fix a grab rail to the wall on the left of the toilet
  • Fix a toilet frame to the floor
  • Fix a bracket to the long wall of the bath.

The council say they would cover the cost of the adaptations and remove them at the end of the tenancy but would not make good. They say further major adaptations will be necessary for the future, such as ramp access to the property and possibly converting the bathroom to a wet room.

The landlord isn't keen as, depending on her new mortgage rate (April), she will probably need to increase the rent to cover the new mortgage rate by around 10%, and if the tenants can't afford the increase, she plans to sell the property.

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Unlawful Discrimination

There are legal obligations on landlords and agents to take reasonable steps to ensure that people are not discriminated against directly or indirectly due to their "protected characteristics" such as race, colour, gender or disability. The specific legislation is the Equalities Act 2010.