Practice Direction 55C Phasing Out

Practice Direction 55C was brought in last year to ease back into possession proceedings after they were suspended during the pandemic. It’s reported that it will partially end on 30 November 2021

PD55C includes the requirement for the landlord to provide notice about any known effect of coronavirus on the tenant, which remains until at least 30 June 2022. 

As a result, removing other parts of PD55C will have little impact on most landlords, as those other parts mostly covered how the court handled listings. 

As a reminder, Practice Direction 55C requires the notice about the effect of coronavirus on the tenant and household to be issued with any accelerated possession claim form and within 14 days of a hearing (for example, a section 8 rent arrears hearing). 

A sample notice is available for subscribers in the court forms guidance pages (England). For Wales, use this court forms guidance. 

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