Generate Your Converted Written Statement Now

We are excited to announce a new service available for subscribers in Wales. 

We have prepared a new form for a converted written statement that can be useful for landlords in Wales in light of the recent amendments to the Renting Homes Wales Act 2016.

The Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 is amended to resolve the problems related to substitute contracts and written statements for tenancies before 1 December 2022.

The Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 (Amendment of Schedule 12 and Consequential Amendment) Regulations 2023 commence on 1 June 2023 and have the effect of requiring a converted written statement by 31 May 2023, even if a substitute (renewal) contract has been given. If there has been a change in the identity of the contract-holder before 1 June 2023, a written statement must be provided to the new contract-holder before 14 June 2023.

With this new service, landlords can quickly generate a converted written statement that must be done before 31 May 2023. There is an option to use a profile from Tenancy Builder, which automatically inserts pre-filled data to save time if a few have to be done. Using a profile is optional.

There is also an option to select if a substitute (renewal) has already been given. In that case, a term explaining this statement only covers the period from 1 December 2022 to the substitute contract is inserted.

Accessing the new converted written statement form requires going to Tenancy Builder, clicking on the "Other Forms" option from the sidebar, adding a new form, and selecting "converted written statement" from the dropdown menu at the bottom of the list. Guidance on completing the converted statement is available in our help section.

The converted written statement form is not an agreement but a conversion of the tenancy as of 1 December 2022. So, landlords can serve it via their usual method of communication, including email. You don't need to sign or agree to the statement.

However, if you prefer to get a notification that the party receives the written statement, a file-sharing service like Dropbox can confirm it has been delivered. It is essential to note that signing services such as DocuSign or Signable are unsuitable because this converted written statement is a conversion of the contract holder's tenancy from 1 December 2022, so no agreement is required. Digital signing apps are only used when the document's contents are agreed upon. Alternatively, some email clients offer a service where a read receipt will be provided, and Canary Mail offers read receipts as a service.

Our converted written statement service assists landlords in preparing a written statement for a converted contract. I want to point out that the written statement is only suitable for converting an original tenancy obtained via the Guild of Residential Landlords. The terms in the statement will differ from other tenancies.

In conclusion, our new service simplifies the process for landlords by generating a converted written statement for them. Our service, coupled with the proper guidance, will assist landlords in complying with the latest amendments to the Renting Homes Wales Act 2016.

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Converted Contracts

Under the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 (“the Act”), most existing tenancies will be converted to occupation contracts