Preventing, Controlling and Recovering Rent Arrears

The contract-holder typically pays the rent into the landlord or agent's bank account. The written statement of the occupation contract should stipulate the method for which rent is payable and how it will be collected. The tenant should consent if the collection is done by regular visits to the property.

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Related Forms

RHW20 Serious Rent Arrears Notice

The prescribed form RHW20 is used where a contract holder of an occupation contract is seriously in arrears with their rent.

Notice to Local Authority Tenant 8 Weeks in Arrears

for payment to be made directly under regulation 95 Housing Benefit Regulations 2006, the landlord must notify the local authority that the tenant is in 8 weeks of arrears

Rent Arrears Demand First Letter

This Word template is a first letter providing a formal demand for rent, whether it has not been paid at all or whether a portion remains unpaid.